What Causes Crooked Teeth?

What Causes Crooked Teeth?
Posted on 02/09/2016

At Star Orthodontics, we have one main goal: helping people achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. This means correcting and straightening crooked teeth on a regular basis. While we all know the benefits of a straighter smile, why do we need braces to begin with? What, exactly, causes crooked teeth in the first place?

Born This Way
There are a few parts to this answer, but one piece plays a central role: genetics. For the most part, crooked teeth are inherited, so the only thing to do about them is straighten them through orthodontic treatment. The problem is that while we are the latest step in the evolutionary chain, we are not exactly the last. Our mouths are smaller than our evolutionary predecessors, but the size and number of our teeth has not decreased to reflect that. So when all 32 adult teeth grow in, they are almost invariably crowded. This can lead to malocclusions and crooked teeth.

In addition to genetics, crooked teeth can also be caused by trauma, infections, loss of teeth, and even habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. The one thing that is universal about malocclusions is that they do not get better with age. On the contrary, orthodontic issues generally worsen as we age. That is why it is critical to treat them as soon as possible so you can secure a healthy, beautiful smile for the rest of your life!

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