Clinic & Laboratory Team/Orthodontic Assistants


Cindi, Cindi2011.jpgRDA – Clinic Director

Cindi began working at Star Orthodontics in 1996. "It has always been a pleasure to work in such a fun, upbeat environment. Also, working with a doctor that is at the top of her field and with a team of highly skilled assistants makes Star Orthodontics second to none. It's very rewarding to work with patients that greatly appreciate the work we do and enjoy their end result of treatment – a beautiful smile! " In 2012, Cindi received her Pit and Fissure Sealant certification and her Coronal Polishing certification from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. Cindi is CPR certified.

Marti3  Marti – Lab Technician

  Marti joined the Star team in July 2013. She earned her   Associates in Applied Science Dental Laboratory Technology   from TSTC Harlingen in 1984. Marti has many years of   experience in dental labs and other private practice   orthodontic labs. "I love working in the orthodontics field because I know I'm helping to make a difference in someone's smile. After working in the field for over 30 years, I still get excited to learn new techniques or learning to fabricate a new appliance. Bending wires is my true passion! I am proud to be working for Dr. Robertson and with this team at Star Orthodontics. I feel like I am finally 'home'."

JulieJulie, RDA – Lab Technician

Julie joined the Star team in 2014. She earned her Dental Assisting certification from Del Mar College. She has previous dental assisting experience with a general dentist in Robstown. "Being a part of the Star family is a great experience. Working with a great team of professionals is awesome, and that's what makes Star so easy to love. I love sharing the experience of giving a person a bright smile, making them more confident; it’s something so special. Helping people love their smile is a great career choice!" Julie is CPR certified.

Amy_110314.jpgAmy, RDA – Orthodontic Assistant

Amy joined Star Orthodontics in 2014. She had several years of experience in general dentistry before joining our practice. Amy attended the University of West Florida where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2008. She also earned her certification of Expanded Functions Dental Radiology from Okaloosa-Walton Community College in 2004. "I love working with my hands, and frankly, I love teeth and dentistry! Your smile is your best accessory, and I love being able to say that my job is to help people achieve a beautiful smile. I love working at Star because it doesn't feel like work! Dr. Robertson and the       team are so supportive of each other. It really is like a second family. The energy in the office is great, and each day is filled with so much fun." Amy is RDA  certified. In 2015, she received her Pit and Fissure Sealant certification and her Coronal Polishing certification from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.   Amy is CPR certified. 

Carrie  Carrie - RDA, Orthodontic Assistant

Carrie joined the team in January, 2018.  She received her training at Kaplan Dental and is RDA certified.  Carrie has 2 previous years of experience in orthodontics.  The TEAMWORK at Star Orthodontics is why she loves working with us!  Carrie enjoys working in the orthodontic field because of the rewarding feeling she gets while helping people smile and feeling like her work helped create that SMILE.  


 Emily – RDA, Orthodontic Assistant

Emily joined the team in 2015. She has prior work experience in general dentistry and attended San Antonio College of Dental and Medical Assisting at UTSA in San Antonio. "Star provides great training, and the team is amazing! The doctors are so knowledgeable, and the patients are great. I love working in orthodontics because it allows me to focus on part of the dental field, and seeing a patient's transformation from start to finish is great."  

Erin2  Erin - RDA, Orthodontic Assistant

  In January, 2018, Erin joined our Star Orthodontics team!  She received her training at STVT.  She does have her RDA and is also certified in nutrition.  Erin has previously worked in the dental field.  She loves working at Star Orthodontics "because here we're a team, a family that works together and pushes each other to be our BEST! And, we have the BEST boss ever!"  Erin works in the orthodontics field because "orthodontics is a specialized field and we get to change people's lives and watch their confidence grow. It's just amazing!"


 Kristain – Orthodontic Assistant


Leann     Leann, RDA - Orthodontic Assistant

In September, 2018; Leann joined the Star Orthodontics team!
  She received her training at Del Mar College and is RDA and CPR certified.  She also received her certification in nitrous oxide monitoring.  Leann enjoys working at Star Orthodontics because of the positive atmosphere and the great team work.  She also loves working with Dr. Robertson who truly cares for her patients and always does what is best for our patients.  Leann chose to work in orthodontics because she is able to really change lives.  She says, “It is so heartwarming to see the impact a beautiful, healthy smile has on a patient’s confidence, it is truly life changing!” 


   Lisa - Orthodontic Assistant

Lizette   Lizette - Orthodontic Assistant

Lizette joined our team in February, 2019. She received her training at STVT. She is RDA certified and has her CPR certification. She LOVES working at Star because " It's such a friendly enviroment, everyone is so loving and caring towards one another. Its like a family, a family I want to be a part of." "Working at Star Orthodontics truly makes me happy knowing that can change a small part of patient's lives one smile at a time, helping them gain more confidence and have better self-esteem!"

Pamela_110314Pamela, RDA – Orthodontic Assistant

Pamela earned her certification as a Registered Dental Assistant and has her Associates Degree in Dental Lab Technology from TSTC Harlingen. Pamela has held many positions in the practice: Lab Technician, Records Technician and her most recent role as Orthodontic Assistant. "I love working with the other Star employees because we make a great team, and we help each other out. Our office is so fast-paced; there is never a dull moment! It is very rewarding to see the final result of a patient's treatment. I know we've helped boost their confidence, and we've changed their life." In 2012, Pamela received her Pit and Fissure Sealant certification and her Coronal Polishing certification from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. Pamela is CPR certified.


Salma - Orthodontic Assistant

Salma joined Star Orthodontics in September, 2016.  She received her training at Brightwood College as a Dental Assistant.  She is RDA certified and has a CPR certification.  She has had some previous experience with a local orthodontics office prior to joining us.  She loves working at Star because everyone is so kind and friendly.  Salma loves working in the orthodontic field because she enjoys seeing all the positive changes, both physically and emotionally, that we are able to bring to our patients. Selena joined Star Orthodontics in July, 2017.  She received her training at the Texas State Technical College.  She is RDA and CPR certified and has had prior experience in orthodontics.  


Sarah, RDA – Orthodontic Assistant

Sarah rejoined the Star team in 2012. She previously worked on our team as an Orthodontic Assistant from 2005-2009. She completed the Registered Dental Assisting program at Texas State Technical College. "I love working at Star Orthodontics because of the loving people I work with, and I truly love what I do. I enjoying helping provide people with a beautiful smile. I had braces myself and didn't have the best experience, which makes me want to make sure every patient I see has an awesome experience." In 2012, Sarah received her Pit and Fissure Sealant certification and her Coronal Polishing certification from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. Sarah is CPR certified. 

Tiffany  Tiffany, RDA – Orthodontic Assistant

  Tiffany received her certification through South Texas Vocational Technical Institute.  She completed an externship at an orthodontics office and then joined Star Orthodontics in 2017.  Tiffany is passionate about orthodontics because she loves helping people and bringing about a positive change in their lives.  She loves seeing how they look before and after.  She wants to help people feel better about themselves.  Tiffany loves working at Star Orthodontics because: 1)she was actually a patient at Star and everyone was so nice, and 2) she loves working at a fast pace and taking on new challenges!



Tina, RDA – Orthodontic Assistant

Tina completed the Dental Assisting program at Career Centers of Texas and joined Star Orthodontics in 2010. "I love orthodontics because it is happier than a lot of other areas of dentistry. People are excited to come here to get their braces on. I love working at Star Orthodontics because it's a very upbeat work environment and everyone really helps one another." In 2012, Tina received her Pit and Fissure Sealant certification and her Coronal Polishing certification from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. Tina is CPR certified.

Victoria   Victoria, RDA--Orthodontic Assistant

Star Orthodontics welcomed Victoria onto our team in February, 2019.
  She received her training at Texas State Technical College and is both RDA and CPR certified.  Victoria is also certified with the TABC and maintains her food handlers’ certification.  Victoria has had experience assisting in both general dentistry and orthodontics.  She said, “I love working at Star because it is a fun, fast paced atmosphere.  Everyone is wonderful to work with and every day I learn something new!”  Victoria chooses to work in ortho because she enjoys changing people’s lives and what an awesome opportunity it is to help them get the smile they have always wanted.  Everyone sees a SMILE first, I love being a part of our patients journeys to a new SMILEJ.  Victoria is new to the coastal bend and can be shy upon first meeting, but once she gets comfortable she is outgoing and personable.  She also recently became engaged and is a dog mom.