Parts of Braces


diagram.jpgUnderstanding Your Orthodontic Equipment

Braces come with many different components that all work together to bring the teeth into proper alignment. Becoming familiar with the various parts of braces and their purposes can help you prepare for your first visit and understand your orthodontic treatments better. 

Common Braces Parts

Here is a brief overview of the various parts of braces and the purpose of each piece:

Brackets: Designed to hold braces wires in place, brackets are most commonly attached directly to the front of the teeth, although they may also be attached to a band. Silver, clear and gold bracket options are frequently requested. 

Archwire: Responsible for moving the teeth into place, an archwire lines the front of the teeth and fits into grooves in the brackets. The archwire is tightened and adjusted as needed to gradually correct misalignments.  

Bands: Bands are made from metal and are typically placed around the back molars, although they can be fitted to premolars as well. For maximum effectiveness, bands must fit very tightly and are secured in position with the help of a fluoride-containing dental cement. 

Elastics: Tiny rubber bands called elastics fit around the brackets and keep the archwire in place. 

Coil Springs: These small springs help to open spaces between the teeth as needed. They fit over the archwire and between the brackets. Depending on whether an open coil spring or a closed coil spring is used, the primary goal may be to create more space or maintain existing space between two teeth.  

Hooks: Some brackets come with special attachment hooks that make it easier to attach elastics to the brackets. 

Depending on each patient’s needs, some or all of these braces components may be used at various times throughout the treatment process. 

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