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Orthodontics and Sports: Protecting Your Smile With Sports Guards

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Star Orthodontics
Close up of a hand holding a sports guardIt is of utmost importance to safeguard teeth and appliances from potential injuries, especially if you or your child participates in sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Utilizing custom athletic mouthguards provides an added layer of protection, ensuring the preservation of your investment in achieving a beautiful new smile.

Guarding Against Damage

Contact collisions, along with falls and tumbles during vigorous play, risk seriously damaging orthodontic hardware and traumatizing the teeth they encase. Bending wires and bands, breaking bonded brackets, or causing damage to teeth and bone structures can have long-term consequences. Sports like hockey, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse pose higher risks, but any activity with chances of facial impacts warrants protection when undergoing braces or aligner therapy. Custom athletic guards cushion blows that could otherwise derail progress.

Preserving Progress and Finances

Damaged orthodontic components mean additional appointments for repairs, which extend treatment time. In worst cases, irreparable damage requires completely restarting correction work once tissues heal, costing additional months and thousands in appliances and clinic fees. Minimizing the chances of sports accidents mangling your orthodontic efforts not only saves time but also prevents wasted finances and frustration at potentially losing the progress you have invested in already. Protecting your enthusiasm and investment makes sound sense.

The Face Saver Advantage

Unlike boil-and-bite sports guards from big box stores, a custom-made face saver gets professionally fabricated from advanced impact-absorbing compounds formed precisely around your unique bite configuration. This specialized fit, combined with superior shock dissipation, provides unparalleled protection. Create your personally contoured mouthguard during the initial orthodontic records appointment so it integrates seamlessly with brackets and wires as treatment advances, defending your hard work at every stage.

Defend Your Beautiful Smile in the Making

Although a custom athletic guard may require an additional upfront cost, the value of preventing potential injuries from collisions outweighs the relatively small investment. Additionally, helping our orthodontic athletes protect their care, confidence, and emerging smiles always remains our top priority. Schedule your custom face-saver scan today!

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