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What is Occlusion?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Star Orthodontics
What is Occlusion?Occlusion is the manner in which your upper jaw fits your lower jaw so that you can comfortably bite and chew your food. Our teeth are aligned on our upper and lower jaws in an arc shape.

In medical terms, the teeth on our upper jaw are called the maxillary teeth, whereas the teeth on our lower jaw are called the mandibular teeth. Occlusion is the relationship between maxillary and mandibular as they come together when we eat or speak.

We all need a balanced occlusion, meaning the upper jaw should align perfectly on the lower jaw to bite and chew our food properly and to allow the mouth to perform its normal functions.

Static Occlusion

Static occlusion is the coming together of our upper and lower teeth when our mouth is closed and at rest.

Dynamic Occlusion

Dynamic occlusion is the frequent contact that is made at intervals when our jaw is moving, for example, when we eat or speak.

Importance of Occlusion in Dental Practice

If the occlusion is unbalanced, meaning your upper jaw and lower jaw do not align properly with one another, it could lead to the following problems:
•  Headaches
•  Tooth fractures
•  Clenching and grinding of teeth
•  Loose teeth
•  Damage to tooth enamel
•  Damage to tooth restorations and reconstructions
•  Recession of gums
•  Soreness of jaw muscles

It is important to have a balanced occlusion because, without a balanced occlusion, all other dental treatments that will be used for treating malocclusions will become ineffective, such as the use of braces to reduce gaps in teeth. Once the two jawbones align properly on top of one another, all the other teeth set themselves accordingly, and the overlapping or overcrowding becomes minimal.

At Star Orthodontics, and can help you balance your occlusion so that your maxillary and mandibular teeth properly align with one another and give you a perfect bite each time. You can call us at 361-371-8555 to schedule your appointment.

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