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Invisalign® FAQ
Corpus Christi, TX

Close up of a woman putting clear aligner on her teeth from Star Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXFor those patients who are concerned about or unhappy with their smile, our team at Star Orthodontics can provide a less invasive procedure than the traditional braces option. We offer Invisalign.

Invisalign works on the same principle as traditional braces in that they shift teeth into proper alignment gradually. This is done without permanently fixed wires and brackets which draw attention to a patient’s mouth, making some social interactions uncomfortable. Each Invisalign alignment tray is worn for approximately two weeks, using only mild pressure to slowly shift the patient’s teeth. Patients cycle through each tray until the teeth are straightened into proper alignment.

Who Can Benefit From Invisalign?

For those who have an overbite, underbite, their mouth is overly crowded, or they have gaps between teeth, the clear plastic teeth aligners from Invisalign are a perfect option. They require fewer appointments than traditional braces, minimizing the amount of time spent in the office. Patients with a busy lifestyle will definitely appreciate less office visits.

Why Use Invisalign?

With Invisalign, patients report far less discomfort than those who choose traditional braces. Even though teeth aligners use only mild pressure, the process generally takes much less time than traditional braces do too. Though each individual patient is different, the average length of time needed to achieve proper alignment with Invisalign is ten to 24 months.

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While traditional brace treatments require patients to alter their diet and abstain from eating certain foods, which may stick to or damage the installed wires, Invisalign alignment trays can be easily removed allowing for no dietary restrictions. And because they are removable, patients experience greater comfort and a higher degree of oral hygiene, all while achieving the perfect smile. Patients can be confident, not having to worry about embarrassing moments while eating and socializing.

When Is it Right to Use Invisalign?

While traditional braces require additional protection while participating in sports, Invisalign teeth aligners do not. By being able to remove them, there is no need to take extra steps to not only protect the patient’s mouth from injury but also the wires and brackets from damage. For those patients wanting to straighten their teeth and have their perfect smile without the limitations of traditional braces, Invisalign is the obvious choice.

The Placement of Invisalign

The process starts with an initial appointment when our team will make an impression of their teeth. A custom set of teeth aligners will be made to fit the patient’s mouth. Once that is completed, our staff will work with the patient to create a long-term treatment plan. In order to ensure the best results, it is highly recommended that the patient follows cleaning instructions and carefully follows the outline as instructed.

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Let our team of dedicated professionals help improve your smile by placing Invisalign for you at Star Orthodontics. Call us today at 361-371-8555 to schedule an appointment or visit our office during normal business hours.

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Let our team of dedicated professionals help improve your smile by placing Invisalign for you at Star Orthodontics. Learn more about Invisalign today!
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