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Why Clear Aligners?
Corpus Christi, TX

Close up of a woman putting clear aligner on her teeth from Star Orthodontics in Corpus Christi, TXFor many people, learning that they will finally receive the braces they have been needing for some time to restore the health of their mouths can cause a dance for joy. In many cases, those who are needing braces may have significant issues that may hinder speaking, eating, and sometimes even sleeping. Some may ask, however, what their options are regarding braces and wonder if they have to walk around with a mouth filled with metal for the next few years. Fortunately, there are excellent options beyond traditional braces, and we here at Star Orthodontics are happy to help walk you through them.

Why Braces Are Useful

If you have been told that you need braces to help straighten your teeth, regardless of whether or not you are happy to have them, ultimately, they can prove to be extremely useful when it comes to the health of your mouth. Capable of correcting some pretty significant issues such as misalignment, gaps, overbites or underbites, and crowding, braces are an effective method of restoring your mouth and helping you to continue on with the optimal lifestyle you deserve.

Though many who discover they are going to receive braces immediately flash back to images they have seen of gangling teenagers with obvious metal brackets and colorful rubber bands on a crooked grin, that does not necessarily have to be your option. If you work in public relations or have an image to keep up that would not benefit from a mouthful of apparatus, you may prefer one of the other ways to straighten your teeth without having an excessive amount of metal in your mouth.

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The Miracle of Modern Braces

Those who are trying to correct minor aesthetic issues such as slight crookedness or small gaps in their teeth may discover how useful aligners can be. Not only are these shaped and formed to fit your mouth exactly, but because they are clear, most people should be unable even to detect them. Though they are required to be worn at least 20 hours or more every day for the best possible outcome, clear aligners can be removed any time you wish to take them out.

With traditional braces, there are extensive flossing regimens necessary to keep the wires and brackets clear of food particles, which can also, unfortunately, cause excessive accumulation of bacteria if not carefully tended. With clear aligners, you can simply pop them out when it comes time to brush your teeth, implement your usual oral hygiene practices, then put them back in when you are done.

Clear aligners are also fairly simple to clean, as mostly all you have to do is just rinse them out. You may have to avoid some foods that could stain, such as blueberries or tomatoes, but for the most part, having clear aligners can be one of the greatest options for you if you are considering braces. Not only can they mask some minor issues, such as gaps, but they can also give you the semblance of the smile you are working towards before your treatment is even completed.

If you would like to learn more about clear aligners and how they work, please do not hesitate to give us here at Star Orthodontics a call at 361-371-8555 to schedule an appointment and get yourself on the road towards the smile you always wanted.

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Fortunately, there are excellent options beyond braces, and we here at Star Orthodontics are happy to help walk you through them. Call for Clear Aligners today!
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